Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End

  • Author: Pádraic Brady
  • Format: Online HTML
  • Price: free

The book was written to guide readers through the metaphorical “Deep End”. It’s the place you find yourself in when you complete a few tutorials and scan through the Reference Guide, where you are buried in knowledge up to your neck but without a clue about how to bind it all together effectively into an application. This take on the Zend Framework offers a survival guide, boosting your understanding of the framework and how it all fits together by following the development of a single application from start to finish.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • The Architecture of Zend Framework Applications
  • The Model
  • Installing The Zend Framework
  • A Not So Simple Hello World Tutorial
  • Standardise The Bootstrap Class With Zend_Application
  • Handling Application Errors Gracefully
  • Developing A Blogging Application
  • Implementing The Domain Model: Entries and Authors
  • Setting The Design With Zend_View, Zend_Layout, HTML 5 and Yahoo! User Interface Library
  • Creating A Local Domain Using Apache Virtual Hosts
  • Performance Optimisation For Zend Framework Applications

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