The UX Reader

The UX Reader


Author MailChimp
Format archived PDF, EPUB, MOBI
Price free

This introductory book is suitable for beginners to UX and contains insights on process and purpose from MailChimp’s User Experience team. It starts with an examination of collaboration and teamwork. The troika of UX follows: research, design, and development, and concludes with a selection of articles on refinement and other processes that never really end.

Chapters include:

  • Building a UX Team
  • Collaboration by Design
  • All Hands on Deck
  • Asking for Help
  • On Good Terms
  • Radicalizing Data
  • Sharing Research by Every Means Necessary
  • We Sorted 506,000 Data Points and Lived to Tell the Tale
  • The Open-Minded Interview
  • Why You Should Sketch, and How
  • Evolution of a Pattern Library
  • Building a Better Pattern Library
  • High Five for SVGs
  • Building a System for Responsive Email
  • Tightening Type and Relative Font Sizing
  • Creativity in Front-End Development
  • Release Cycles and Roadmaps
  • Iteration and the Feature/Refinement Balance
  • Making MailChimp More Accessible
  • Fixing a Leaky Funnel with Google Analytics
  • Learning from Our Mistakes
  • Refining via Redesign

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