Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition

Author Peter Cooper
Format PDF (NOTE: Please read author’s full page before downloading)
Price free

Beginning Ruby is a Ruby programming book aimed at newcomers to the language. It’s written in an instructional format and walks through basic programming concepts through to building Web apps, database apps, networking daemons, and GUI based apps. It’s well suited for someone new to programming as well as experienced developers who are just new to dynamic languages.

Chapters include:

  • Let’s Get It Started: Installing Ruby
  • Programming == Joy: A Whistle-Stop Tour of Ruby and Object Orientation
  • Ruby’s Building Blocks: Data, Expressions, and Flow Control
  • Developing Your First Ruby Application
  • The Ruby Ecosystem
  • Classes, Objects, and Modules
  • Projects and Libraries
  • Documentation, Error Handling, Debugging, and Testing
  • Files and Databases
  • Deploying Ruby Applications and Libraries
  • Advanced Ruby Features
  • Tying It Together: Developing a Larger Ruby Application
  • Web Application Frameworks: Rails, Sinatra, and Ramaze
  • Ruby and the Internet
  • Networking, Sockets, and Daemons
  • GUI-Based Desktop Application Development
  • Useful Ruby Libraries and Gems

NOTE: Please read author’s full page before downloading.

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