Text and Monographs in Computer Science: A Practical Theory of Programming

  • Author: Eric C. R. Hehner
  • Edition: 2007-5-30
  • Format: PDF, PS (lecture visuals in PDF, only)
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Price: free

This book is a beginners level non language specific introduction to programming. All technical terms used are explained. Each new term is underlined. There are no abbreviations, acronyms, or other obscurities of language to confuse you. No previous knowledge or experience is assumed.

Chapters Include:

  • Basic Theories
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Function Theory
  • Program Theory
  • Programming Language
  • Recursive Definition
  • Theory Design and Implementation
  • Concurrency
  • Interaction
  • Exercises
  • Reference

Solutions to exercises are available to course instructors.



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