Software and Mind: The Mechanistic Myth and Its Consequences

Software And Mind: The Mechanistic Myth And Its Consequences


Author Andrei Sorin
Format Online PDF
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Addressing general readers as well as software practitioners, “Software and Mind” discusses the fallacies of the mechanistic ideology and the degradation of minds caused by these fallacies. Mechanism holds that every aspect of the world can be represented as a neat hierarchical structure of entities. But, while useful in fields like mathematics and manufacturing, this idea is generally worthless, because most aspects of the world are too complex to be reduced to simple structures. Our software-related affairs, in particular, cannot be represented in this fashion. And yet, all programming theories and development systems, and all software applications, attempt to reduce real-world problems to neat structures of data, operations, and features. Ultimately, by restricting ourselves to mechanistic software, we impoverish all aspects of our life that depend on software.

Chapters include:

  • Preface
  • Belief and Software
  • Mechanism and Mechanistic Delusions
  • The Mind
  • Pseudoscience
  • Language and Software
  • Language as Weapon
  • Software as Weapon
  • Software Engineering
  • From Mechanism to Totalitarianism
  • Index

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