How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary

  • Author: Robert L Read
  • Format: online HTML
  • Price: free

This book presents the basics of how to be a programmer, without being language specific. It is geared towards beginners, intermediate, and advanced level programmers, presenting many skills that are ignored in other programming books.

Chapters include:

  • How to Debug by Splitting the Problem Space
  • How to Remove an Error
  • How to Debug Using a Log
  • How to Understand Performance Problems
  • How to Fix Performance Problems
  • How to Optimize Loops
  • How to Deal with I/O Expense
  • How to Manage Memory
  • How to Deal with Intermittent Bugs
  • How to Learn Design Skills
  • How to Conduct Experiments
  • Why Estimation is Important
  • How to Estimate Programming Time
  • How to Find Out Information
  • How to Utilize People as Information Sources
  • How to Document Wisely
  • How to Work with Poor Code
  • How to Use Source Code Control
  • How to Unit Test
  • How to Recognize When to Go Home
  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • How to be Widely Trusted
  • How to Tradeoff Time vs. Space
  • How to Stress Test
  • How to Balance Brevity and Abstraction
  • How to Learn New Skills
  • How to Do Integration Testing
  • How to analyze data
  • How to Manage Development Time
  • How to Manage Third-Party Software Risks
  • How to Manage Consultants
  • How to Communicate the Right Amount
  • How to Disagree Honestly and Get Away with It
  • How to Tradeoff Quality Against Development Time
  • How to Manage Software System Dependence
  • How to Decide if Software is Too Immature
  • How to Make a Buy vs. Build Decision
  • How to Grow Professionally
  • How to Evaluate Interviewees
  • How to Know When to Apply Fancy Computer Science
  • How to Talk to Non-Engineers
  • How to Tell the Hard From the Impossible
  • How to Utilize Embedded Languages
  • How to Fight Schedule Pressure
  • How to Understand the User
  • How to Get a Promotion
  • How to Develop Talent
  • How to Choose What to Work On
  • How to Get the Most From Your Teammates
  • How to Divide Problems Up
  • How to Handle Boring Tasks
  • How to Gather Support for a Project
  • How to Grow a System
  • How to Communicate Well
  • How to Tell People Things They Don’t Want to Hear
  • How to Deal with Managerial Myths
  • How to Deal with Organizational Chaos



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