A Little Smalltalk

Author Timothy Budd
Format PDF
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This book is divided into two parts. The first section describes the language of the Little Smalltalk system. Although most readers probably will have had some prior exposure to at least one other programming language before encountering Smalltalk, the text makes no assumptions about background. Most upper division undergraduate or graduate level students should be able to understand the material in this first section. This first part of the text can be used alone.

The second part of the book describes the actual implementation of the Little Smalltalk system. This section requires the reader to have a much greater background in computer science. Since Little Smalltalk is written in C, at least a rudimentary knowledge of that language is required. A good background in data structures is also valuable. The reader will find it desirable, although not strictly necessary, to have had some introduction to compiler construction for a conventional language, such as Pascal.

Chapters include:

The Language

  • Basics
  • Syntax
  • Blocks
  • Basic Classes
  • Class Definition
  • A Simple Application
  • Primitives, Cascades, and Coercions
  • A Simulation
  • Generators
  • Graphics
  • Processes

The Implementation

  • Implementation Overview
  • The Representation of Objects
  • Bytecodes
  • The Process Manager
  • The Interpreter
  • References
  • Projects
  • Running Little Smalltalk
  • Syntax Charts
  • Class Descriptions
  • Primitives

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