Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Author Kraig Brockschmidt
Format PDF
Price free

This book is about writing Windows 8 apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The earlier chapters are indeed very specific to that particular choice of language and presentation layer, along with the Windows Library for JavaScript.

Somewhere around Chapters 7 and 8, however, we really begin to transition more into the WinRT APIs that are applicable to apps written in any language. I’m finding this especially true as I’m writing Chapter 13 on live tiles and notifications—very little of it, other than the code snippets, is unique to JavaScript, especially when talking about tile-updating web services written with server-side technologies like PHP and ASP.NET! My point in saying this is that while I’ve written this book ostensibly for web developers who are and will be looking to create apps for Windows 8 and the Windows Store, much of this book will also be very helpful to Windows 8 developers in general. And since it is a free ebook, you can’t lose!

Chapters include:

  • The Life Story of a WinRT App: Platform Characteristics of Windows 8
  • Quickstart
  • App Anatomy and Page Navigation
  • Controls, Control Styling, and Data Binding
  • Collections and Collection Controls
  • Layout
  • Commanding UI
  • State, Settings, Files, and Documents
  • Input and Sensors
  • Media
  • Purposeful Animations
  • Contracts

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