HTML Tutorial

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  • Author: Michael Karbo
  • Format: online HTML
  • Price: free

A completely illustrated, 33 chapter, basic beginners guide to HTML, that will teach even the most inept among us how to build a basic web page from scratch. Using Notetab Lite (freeware), the author guides you through using the application and coding your pages, adding text, links, graphics, and more.

Note: Although the top of the table of contents page may lead you to believe this is a Photoshop tutorial, it is an HTML one.

Chapters include:

  • Preface and Introduction. You need HTML!
  • Tags – make it work.
  • Choosing programs.
  • Installation and preparation.
  • Start the home page.
  • Text and line length.
  • Headings and basefont.
  • Fonts.
  • Graphics and colors.
  • Studying the code.
  • Background graphics.
  • More about graphics.
  • Introduction to the tables.
  • Color and spacing in tables.
  • The Fish Page.
  • Insert bookmarks.
  • The first links.
  • Checking the links.
  • Let’s make a travellers homepage.
  • Copy text to the page.
  • We need links ….
  • Layout with table.
  • Layout with CSS.
  • Using the search/replace function.
  • A frame set.
  • A better design.
  • Rollovers with JavaScript.
  • Graphic links with buttons.
  • More about CSS.
  • About publishing on the net.
  • Get a counter for the page.
  • The META tags.
  • More about NoteTab.
  • Methods to interesting homepages.

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