Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 7 in 21 Days

  • Author: Richard Waymire and Rick Sawtell
  • Format: online HTML
  • Price: free

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 7 in 21 Days gives you the features and capabilities of SQL Server 7, in a tutorial environment. This book features information on: Row-level locking; SQL Server Query Analyzer (formerly the ISQL/w); Microsoft Manage-ment Console (platform that the Enterprise Manager is now based upon); Update Replication feature (multisite, improved performance and scriptable replication objects); New Wizards such as: Create Database, Create Job, Index Tuning, Version Upgrade and Security; SQL Server Agent which provides unattended job execution and alter/response management; New Transact-SQL statements such as ALTER PROCEDURE, ALTER TRIGGER; and information on recursive triggers and local cursors. It walks you through the features of SQL Server 7, increasing the performance and scalability of your database.

Chapters include:

  • Part 1: Week 1 At a Glance
  • Day 1. Introduction to SQL Server 7.0 and Relational Databases
  • Day 2. Installing SQL Server 7.0
  • Day 3. Using the SQL Server 7.0 Tools and Utilities
  • Day 4. Creating and Implementing Databases, Files, and Filegroups
  • Day 5. Using SQL Server Login and User Security
  • Day 6. Working with Permissions
  • Day 7. Implementing Backups in SQL Server 7.0
  • Part 2: Week 2 At a Glance
  • Day 8. Restoring SQL Server Databases
  • Day 9. Creating Tables
  • Day 10. Using SQL Server 7.0 Data Transformation Services
  • Day 11. Retrieving Data with Queries
  • Day 12. Data Modification with Queries
  • Day 13. Enhancing Performance with Indexing
  • Day 14. Ensuring Data Integrity
  • Part 3: Week 3 At a Glance
  • Day 15. Working with Views, Stored Procedures, and Triggers
  • Day 16. Programming SQL Server 7.0
  • Day 17. Understanding Replication Design and Methodologies
  • Day 18. Implementing Replication Methodologies
  • Day 19. Using the SQL Server Agent
  • Day 20. Configuring and Monitoring SQL Server 7.0
  • Day 21. Integrating SQL Server and the World Wide Web

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