The C Book

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  • Author: Mike Banahan, Declan Brady and Mark Doran
  • Format: PDF, online HTML
  • Price: free

This is not a tutorial introduction to programming. The book is designed for programmers who already have some experience of using a modern high-level procedural programming language. As we explain later, C isn’t really appropriate for complete beginners, though many have managed to use it, so the book will assume that its readers have already done battle with the notions of statements, variables, conditional execution, arrays, procedures (or subroutines) and so on. Instead of wasting your time by ploughing through tedious descriptions of how to add two numbers together and explaining that the symbol for multiplication is *, the book concentrates on the things that are special to C. In particular, it’s the way that C is used which is emphasized.

Chapters Include:

  • An Introduction to C
  • Variables and Arithmetic
  • Control of Flow and Logical Expressions
  • Functions
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Structured Data Types
  • The Preprocessor
  • Specialized Areas of C
  • Libraries
  • Complete Programs in C
  • Answers to Exercises

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