Free Course: Computer Programming I (using C)

University of Washington CSE 142 – Computer Programming I

This is a complete basic introductory course (using C) for beginners that have no previous programming experience, that was offered at the University of Washington during the fall of 2000 (taught by Martin Dickey).

If you have never studied programming, this course was designed for you.

Access to slides, lecture videos, homework assignments & solutions, exams & solutions.

Here is the list of lecture videos:

  • Lecture: Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Debugger Tutorial
  • Lecture 1: Overview and Welcome
  • Lecture 2: Problems, Algorithms and Programs
  • Lecture 3: Variables, Values and Types
  • Lecture 4: Arithmetic Expressions
  • Lecture 5: Input and Output (I/O)
  • Lecture 6: Conditionals
  • Lecture 7: Functions
  • Lecture 8: Function Parameters
  • Lecture 9: Iteration
  • Lecture 10: Loop Development
  • Lecture 11: Complex Conditionals
  • Lecture 12: Functions and Design
  • Lecture 13: Pointer Parameters
  • Lecture 14: Arrays
  • Lecture 15: Linear & Binary Search
  • Lecture 16: Sorting
  • Lecture 17: Multidimensional Arrays
  • Lecture 18: Structures
  • Lecture 19: Strings
  • Lecture 20: Nested Data Structures
  • Lecture 21: File Input/Output
  • Lecture: Style
  • Lecture: Structuring Program Files
  • Lecture: Recursion
  • Lecture: Recursive Binary Search
  • Lecture: Switch Statement
  • Lecture: Course Wrap-up and Review

If you have trouble viewing the lecture videos online,  download them in .zip files for offline viewing.

The text book that was used for this course was Problem Solving and Program Design in C (3rd Edition), which can be purchased inexpensively, used, on Amazon.

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