Pxtone Manual: How to Create Cool Music for Videogames

  • Author: Gryzor87
  • Format: PDF download, with extras
  • Price: free

This is a full-color, 95-page manual on how to use Pixel’s free PXTone program to make your own game music. There are also detailed explanations, songwriting tips & tricks for making music that goes with the theme of your game, and plenty of extra samples and goodies thrown in. The author could have easily charged money for all that this package includes, but he is kind and generous for giving it away for free. If you think this package is worth it, consider making a donation to the author to encourage him to release more packages like this one in the future.

Chapters include:

  • Basics
  • Overview
  • Voice
  • Unit
  • Keyboard
  • How to Choose Instruments
  • How to Arrange a videogame song
  • One – three channel example
  • Four channel example
  • Eight – ten channel example
  • Use Pxtone Easy and Quick
  • Tips, Tricks, and Articulations
  • Track Arrange: Melody
  • Track Arrange: Bass
  • Track Arrange: Chords
  • Track Arrange: Drums
  • In Game Sound Fx
  • Overall Mixing
  • Game Maker and Pxtone

Visit: Pxtone Manual

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