Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches Volume 1

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  • Author: Eric Nelson and 15 authors smarter than him
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: free (print edition: $5.75)

Developers have been exploring the possibilities opened up by the Windows Azure Platform for Cloud Computing. This book pulls together great articles from many of those developers who have been active with the Windows Azure Platform to hopefully help others become successful. There are twenty articles in this first volume covering everything from getting started to implementing best practices for elastic applications.

Chapters include:

  • 5 steps to getting started with Windows Azure
  • The best tools for working with the Windows Azure Platform
  • Architecting For Azure – Building Highly Scalable Applications
  • The Windows Azure Platform and Cost-Oriented Architecture
  • De-risking Your First Windows Azure Project
  • Trials & tribulations of working with Azure when there’s more than one of you
  • Using a Continuous Integration build to achieve an automated deployment of your latest build
  • Using Java with the Windows Azure Platform
  • Auto-Scaling Windows Azure Compute Instances
  • Building a Content-Based Router Service on Windows Azure
  • Bing Maps Tile Servers using Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Drive
  • Azure Table Service as a NoSQL database
  • Queries and Azure Tables
  • Tricks for storing time and date fields in Table Storage
  • Logging, diagnostics and health monitoring of Windows Azure Applications
  • Service Runtime in Windows Azure
  • Connecting to SQL Azure in 5 Minutes
  • Real Time Tracing of Azure Roles from Your Desktop

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