The Debugging Book

The Debugging Book


Author Andreas Zeller
Format online HTML
Price free

This work is designed as a textbook for a course in software debugging; as supplementary material in a software testing or software engineering course; and as a resource for software developers. It covers fault localization, program slicing, input reduction, automated repair, and much more, illustrating all techniques with code examples that you can try out yourself.

This book is work in progress, with new chapters being released every week. At the time of this post, not all chapters mentioned below have been released.

Chapters include:

  • Tours through the Book
  • Introduction to Debugging
  • Tracing Executions
  • How Debuggers Work
  • Asserting Expectations
  • Debugging Performance Issues
  • Tracking Failure Origins
  • Reducing Failure-Inducing Inputs
  • Isolating Failure-Inducing Changes
  • Debugging Concurrent Programs
  • Statistical Debugging
  • Mining Function Specifications
  • Generalizing Failure Circumstances
  • Repairing Code Automatically
  • Tracking Bugs
  • Where the Bugs are



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