Ruby Cookbook and Language Reference

Author Ryan Davis
Format online HTML
Price free

A language guide and reference, by Ryan Davis, The Language Freak. This was a work in progress and not fully completed. The author has since abandoned the project, but there may still be merit in listing this as an available free book, since some of his completed chapters may be of help to someone.

Chapters include:

  • Arrays
  • CGI
  • ClassesAndObjects
  • Creating an Abstract Method
  • Databases
  • DateAndTime
  • Directories
  • Exceptions
  • FileContents
  • Files
  • Hashes
  • InternetServices
  • Introduction
  • MethodsAndFunctions
  • Multithreading
  • NumbersAndRanges
  • Processes
  • Regex
  • Sockets
  • Strings
  • Accessing Substrings
  • Controlling Case
  • Converting Between ASCII Characters and Values
  • Escaping Characters
  • Exchanging Values Without Using Temporary Variables
  • Expanding Variables in User Input
  • Expanding and Compressing Tabs
  • Indenting Here-Documents
  • Interpolating Functions and Expressions Within Strings
  • Parsing Comma-Separated Data
  • Processing a String One Character at a Time
  • Program: fixstyle
  • Program: psgrep
  • Reformatting Paragraphs
  • Reversing a String by Word or Character
  • Soundex Matching
  • Tokenizing Strings
  • Trimming Blanks from the Ends of a String
  • UI
  • WebAutomation

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