Felix’s Node.js Guide

  • Author: Felix Geisendörfer
  • Format: online HTML
  • Price: free

Felix Geisendörfer’s (an early node.js core contributor) opinionated and unofficial guide to help people getting started in Node.js.

Chapters include:

  • Node.js Beginner Guide
    If you are new to node.js, this guide will take you from hello world to deploying your first app.
  • Node.js Style Guide
    The general JavaScript style I recommend to use with node.js. A lot of this is personal preferences, but hopefully rather consistent.
  • Node.js Community Guide
    Get to know some of the node.js community and find out where they hang out.
  • Node.js Convincing The Boss Guide
    Find out where node.js makes sense, and how to get management to see the benefits.

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