GTK+/Gnome Application Development

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  • Author: Havoc Pennington
  • Format: online HTML, archived HTML
  • Price: free

This is an intermediate-to-advanced GTK+/Gnome programming book. You should be comfortable with programming (data structures, algorithms, etc.) and with the C programming language before you try to read it.

Chapters include:

  • glib: Portability and Utility
  • GTK+ Basics
  • Building a Gnome Application
  • Creating Your Source Tree
  • Gnome Application Basics
  • The Main Window: GnomeApp
  • User Communication: Dialogs
  • Gnome Application Checklist
  • Advanced GTK+/Gnome Techniques
  • The GTK+ Object and Type System
  • GDK Basics
  • Writing a GtkWidget
  • GnomeCanvas
  • Writing a GnomeCanvasItem
  • GTK+/Gnome Object Hierarchy
  • Table of Header Files
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Online Resources
  • Code Listings

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