Introduction to Databases for the Web

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  • Author: Selena Sol
  • Format: online HTML
  • Price: free

This is a free four part course, suitable for webmasters and web developers with little or no database experience. The goal of this tutorial is to introduce database concepts and give you the tools you need to get to work using the databases available to you. The first part introduces the various types of database systems, especially relational databases and the SQL language. Examples are given of creating and manipulating a database and tables within it.

Chapters include:

  • What is a Database
  • Types of Databases
  • Analytic Databases
  • Operational Databases
  • Databases Models
  • Hierarchical Databases
  • Network Databases
  • Relational Databases
  • Client Server Databases
  • Good Database Design
  • Talking to a Database
  • The Basics of the SQL Database
  • Tables
  • The Data Dictionary
  • Basics of an SQL Query
  • Data Types
  • Logging on to the Database
  • A Sample Database
  • Creating Databases
  • Creating Tables
  • Deleting Databases and Dropping Tables
  • Altering a Table
  • Retrieving Data
  • Wildcards
  • Where
  • And, Or, and Not
  • Between
  • In
  • Like
  • Null
  • Order by
  • Performing math
  • Maximums and Minimums
  • Counting Records
  • Distinct
  • Averages
  • Joins
  • Subquerries
  • Adding Data
  • Modifying Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Server Side Database Communication With CGI
  • Chains of Communication
  • Using Perl 5 and the DBI Module to Communicate With Databases
  • The DBI Module
  • The DBI API
  • Getting the Pieces
  • Installing Perl
  • Installing a Web Server : Sambar
  • Running CGI Applications on a Single Station Local Area Network
  • Setting up a Sample Database
  • Putting it all together with a DBI-Aware CGI Script
  • Intro to JDBC
  • JDBC Application Environment Setup
  • Using JDBC to Connect to a Database
  • Using JDBC to Query a Database
  • Using JDBC to Modify a Database
  • More on JDBC
  • JDBC by Example

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