Embedded Software Development with eCos

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  • Author: Anthony J. Massa
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: free

Build low-cost, royalty-free embedded solutions with eCos, step by step.

The Embedded Configurable Operating System (eCos) gives professionals a low-cost, royalty-free embedded software development solution that works in highly constrained hardware environments, while scaling smoothly to larger products.

In this start-to-finish guide to eCos solution building, Anthony Massa covers eCos architecture, installation, configuration, coding, deployment, and the entire eCos open source development system. Additional open source tools are included to configure a complete embedded software development environment.

Massa’s code examples and application case study illuminate techniques for building virtually any embedded system, from the simplest device to complex Internet-enabled wireless systems.

Chapters include:

  • An Introduction to the eCos World
  • The Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • Exceptions and Interrupts
  • Virtual Vectors
  • The Kernel
  • Threads and Synchronization Mechanisms
  • Other eCos Architecture Components
  • Additional Functionality and Third-Party Contributions
  • The RedBoot ROM Monitor
  • The Host Development Platform
  • The eCos Toolset
  • An Example Application Using eCos
  • Porting eCos
  • Supported Processors and Evaluation Platforms
  • eCos License
  • Cygwin Tools Upgrade Procedure
  • Building the GNU Cross-Development Tools

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