Case Studies: J2EE Technology in Practice

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Since its introduction in 1999, the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) has achieved remarkable success. Over one million developers have downloaded the J2EE SDK and over a dozen application server companies have announced J2EE compatible products.

J2EE Technology in Practice describes how the J2EE platform has helped leading corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations meet the challenges of developing distributed applications.

Following the tradition of the Java Community Process, J2EE in Practice represents the ongoing partnership between the Java software group, J2EE licensees, and their customers. Each case study shows how the J2EE platform was used to solve an existing business problem.

J2EE Technology in Practice includes the following case studies:

  • J.Crew Builds Out to the Web with the ATG Dynamo Suite
  • AT&T Unisource: Cost-Optimized Routing Environment (CORE) on the Borland Application Server
  • Codexa: Building a Big Bang Architecture with J2EE on Brokat’s GemStone Server
  • Java Engine Powers New ASP for Charities with Forte Tools
  • HP Bluestone’s Total-e-Server at Altura International: Deploying J2EE for Performance and Scalability
  • IBM Helps Honeywell Manage Manufacturing and Engineering Processes
  • Bekins Handles Large Package Delivery with IBM and J2EE Technology
  • International Data Post Brings Snail Mail to the Internet Age with iPlanet
  • CERN Simplifies Document Handling Using the Oracle Application Server
  • U.S. Army Military Traffic Management Command, Freight Systems Division

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