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Delphi for PHP 1.0 Users Guide

  • Author: Tim DelChiaro / CodeGear
  • Format: archived PDF
  • Price: Free (free registration required)

Delphi for PHP is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building PHP applications. The Delphi IDE provides a set of tools that streamline and simplify the development life cycle.

This guide will introduce you to the IDE, designing user interfaces, generating and editing code, and debugging applications.

Chapters include:

  • What is Delphi for PHP?
  • Tour of the Delphi for PHP IDE
  • Overview of PHP User Interface Design
  • Overview of Editing Code
  • Overview of Debugging
  • Overview of Deploying PHP Applications
  • VCL for PHP Overview
  • IBX for PHP Overview
  • Accessing the Designer
  • Adding Components to a Form
  • Adding an Image Icon to a Component
  • Adding Multiple Components to an Existin
  • Adding and Removing Files
  • Adding Packages
  • Building Application Menus
  • Configuring the Designer
  • Creating a Form
  • Creating a Project
  • Creating and Using Code Templates
  • Creating Custom Components
  • Creating Properties for Custom Compone
  • Customizing the Code Editor
  • Deploying Applications
  • Docking Tool Windows
  • Installing Custom Components
  • Localizing Applications
  • Opening a Project
  • Saving Custom Components
  • Setting Component Properties
  • Using Code Insight
  • Viewing VCL for PHP Help
  • Writing Event Handlers
  • Adding a Watch
  • Setting and Modifying Source Breakpoints
  • Displaying Expanded Watch Information
  • Creating a Database Application
  • Creating an InterBase PHP Database Application
  • Dragging an Item from the Data Explorer
  • Registering a Database
  • Default Keyboard Shortcuts
  • BRIEF Keyboard Shortcuts
  • IDE Classic Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Epsilon Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Delphi for PHP Component Writer’s Guide
  • Overview of Creating Components
  • Overview of Creating Events
  • Overview of Creating Properties
  • Creating a Unit File
  • Making a Control Data Aware
  • Registering Components
  • Dialog Boxes and Wizards
  • Add New Property To Source Code
  • Breakpoint List Window
  • Code Explorer
  • Color Options
  • Customize Toolbars
  • Data Explorer
  • Deployment Wizard
  • Display Options
  • Editor Options
  • Environment Options
  • Explorer Options
  • Find
  • Find in Files
  • Global Variables Window
  • Go to Line Number
  • ImageList Editor
  • Installed Packages
  • Internationalization Wizard
  • Items Editor
  • Local Variables Window
  • Log Window
  • New Component
  • New Items
  • Notices
  • Object Inspector
  • Output
  • Page Designer Options
  • PHP Options
  • PHP Options: Internal Webserver
  • Picture Editor
  • Project Manager
  • Register Database
  • Remove from Project
  • Replace Text
  • Select Debug Desktop
  • Source Formatter: Indent/Line Breaks Options
  • Source Formatter: Spacing Options
  • Source Options
  • StringList Editor
  • Structure Window
  • Tool Palette
  • Value List Editor
  • View Unit
  • Watch Properties
  • Watches Window

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RAD Studio 2007 Help: Win32

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  • Author: CodeGear
  • Format: archived HTML
  • Price: free

This is a zipped HTML version of Win32 section of the original help files that were included with RAD Studio 2007 and C++ Builder 2007. It is also relevant to Delphi 2007.

A CodeGear Developer Network membership is needed in order to download the .zip file. Registration is free.

Contents include:

  • Developing Reports for Your Win32 Applications
  • Debugging C++ Applications with CodeGuard Error Reporting
  • C++ Examples
  • C++ Reference
  • Win32 Developer’s Guide
  • Developing Windows Applications with Win32 Forms
  • Windows Overview
  • Developing a Windows Application
  • Procedures
  • Database Procedures
  • Interoperable Applications Procedures
  • Reporting Procedures
  • VCL Procedures
  • Web Services Procedures
  • WebSnap Procedures
  • Developing Web Applications with WebSnap
  • Win32 Web Applications Overview
  • Building a WebSnap Application
  • Developing Web Services with Win32 Applications
  • Developing Database Applications for the Win32 Platform
  • dbGo Overview
  • dbExpress Components
  • BDE Overview
  • Getting Started with InterBase Express
  • Developing Applications with VCL Components
  • Developing COM Applications

ECO documentation

  • Author: CodeGear
  • Format: archived PDF
  • Price: free (free registration required)

These are the ECO documentation PDFs that shipped with RAD Studio 2007.

A CodeGear Developer Network membership is needed in order to download the .zip file. Registration is free.

Delphi/400 for PHP Developer’s Guide

  • Author: CodeGear
  • Format: archived PDF
  • Price: free (free registration required)

The Delphi/400 for PHP Developer’s Guide includes information on concepts, installation, components overview and tutorial on using Delphi/400 for PHP to modernize AS/400, iSeries and System i applications.

A CodeGear Developer Network membership is needed in order to download the .zip file. Registration is free.