Programming Windows Phone 7 Series
  • Author: Charles Petzold
  • Format: XPS, PDF
  • Price: free

This is the second “draft preview” of a longer ebook that will be completed and published later this year. That final edition will be brilliantly conceived, exquisitely structured, elegantly written, delightfully witty, and refreshingly free of bugs, but this draft preview is none of that. It is very obviously a work-in-progress.

The first “draft preview” of this book was created in time for the Microsoft MIX conference in March 2010. This one is issued in conjunction with VSLIve in Redmond on August 2–6.

Even with this book’s defects and limited scope, I hope it helps get you started in writing great programs for Windows Phone 7.

Chapters include:

  • Part I   The Basics
    Chapter 1   Hello, Windows Phone 7
    Chapter 2   Getting Oriented
    Chapter 3   An Introduction to Touch
    Chapter 4   Bitmaps, Also Known as Textures
    Chapter 5   Sensors and Services
    Chapter 6   Issues in Application Architecture
  • Part II   Silverlight
    Chapter 7   XAML Power and Limitations
    Chapter 8   Elements and  Properties
  • Part III   XNA
    Chapter 20   Principles of Movement
    Chapter 21   Textures and Sprites
    Chapter 22   Touch and Play