Introduction to XML for Web Developers

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  • Author: Selena Sol
  • Format: online HTML
  • Price: free

In this tutorial, Selena Sol walks you through XML and the sister XSL style sheet language. Using simple, well-explained examples, Sol shows you how to get up to speed with the syntax of XML.

Chapters include:

  • What is a Markup Language
  • What is XML
  • Advantages of XML: Breaking the Tag Monopoly
  • Advantages of XML: Moving Beyond Format
  • Disadvantages of XML
  • History of XML
  • The Basics of XML
  • Well Formed XML
  • XML Document Structure
  • Data Versus Markup
  • The XML Declaration
  • Elements
  • Character Data
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Processing Instructions
  • Entities
  • General Entities
  • Parameter Entities
  • The DOCTYPE Declarations
  • Entity References
  • Introducing the Valid XML Document and the DTD
  • The Prolog and The Body
  • The Basic DTD
  • Element Type Declarations (ETDs)
  • Defining Elements and their Children
  • Ordering Child Elements
  • Repeated Elements
  • Grouping Elements
  • Either/Or
  • Optional Children
  • Mixed Content
  • Empty Elements
  • Defining Valid Element Attributes
  • Attribute Defaults
  • Attribute Types
  • ID and IDREF
  • Entity Declarations
  • Gathering DTDs from Multiple Sources
  • Public DTDs

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